Thursday, March 26, 2009


I absolutely LOVE springtime! Except for the part where it makes my sinuses go crazy with what must be allergies of some sort...I have an appointment with an allergist on Tuesday to confirm this. But other than that, everything about spring is so wonderful! There is just a certain "freshness" about everything...all the new vegitation, fresh clean rainfalls, light breezes, all of the smells & sounds, I just can't get enough!

To "celebrate" spring, of course, I do some spring cleaning to get ready for all of the windows to be opened wide, people to come over for cookouts & game nights, etc. But this year I'm going to do something fun & special. This year I'm going to re-paint the house! We just got a gift card in the mail a few days ago as a (very belated!!) wedding gift, which I used to purchase a new area rug for our kitchen. For those of you who have never seen my home before, it was originally decked out as my husband's bachelor pad. The kitchen was the worst...covered in posters & license plates & model trucks & cars, not to mention the black & white checkered ceiling, countertops & cabinets! It was a complete nightmare when I moved in! Slowly but surely, I've been removing all traces of the checkers & cars, but the final items were 2 HIDEOUS cobalt blue rugs with black "Chevrolet" bowtie logos in the middles. These were actually given to my husband by his boss when he worked for a local car other words, they were dirt mats, NOT area rugs for a residential kitchen!! So, suffice it to say that I am VERY pleased with my new rugs that took their place just a couple of days ago!!

Now the goal is to paint the entire kitchen to match the new decor of the rugs. Then, we are excited to FINALLY be purchasing a REAL BED! We've been using the fold-out couch bed which has been causing many sleepless nights & backaches. So we are happy to be able to finally have a real bedframe with real, comfortable mattresses! This means we need new bedding, which means I will want to paint the bedroom/living room to match our new bedding. And I'm hoping to finish all of this within the next couple of weeks before my big candle party on Good Friday (April 10th). So wish me luck & happy painting!! ( :


Mrs. Rebekah Simon said...

Enjoy spring cleaning and painting!