Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well first of all I have to admit that I sort of stole this idea from a friend's blog where she professes her love of being an aunt...sorry Bekah, but copying is the best form of flattery right? ( :

Anyway, not everyone knows this but I have an absolutely adorable little 8-month-old nephew who is really the light of my life! My husband can attest to this but I am almost always at my in-laws' house visiting the little guy. See, my in-law's live only ohhh...about 100 feet from my house! So I invite myself over almost daily to visit my sweet baby nephew. The very best feeling in the world is when I walk in & say hi & he looks up & smiles like he's excited to see me! I just absolutely love him to pieces! To the point that it's almost hard to even imagine being able to love my OWN child even more someday.

Everyone keeps asking us now that we're newlyweds, "So when are you planning to start a family"...well the answer is: why start a family of our own when we're both getting so much enjoyment out of our little nephew?! Don't get me wrong, I adore kids & can't wait to have my own! But for now, we are planning to wait for a few years before we cross that bridge. For now, we are perfectly happy spoiling & loving on our sweet little nephew! And when you take a look at these pictures, can you really blame us?!